On Your Wedding Day – For Your Attendants

Tips for your Attendants



Wedding Dress

If the person getting married that you’re attending to is going to wear a dress with a train, be careful not to tread on the train. And remember it’s your job to help set up the train for photographs, if that’s the look the main parties are after.


If you and the other attendants are having bouquets, hold them down so they cover your belly button, not your boobs or chest. Cover the stems, to avoid your clothes being marked.

Walk Slow Create Memories

If the main party is doing an entrance, just as they begin it remind them to put their chest out and head up; and to walk slowly and naturally.

Keep track of Your Rings

The attendant with the rings (if you’re exchanging rings) should know where the rings are, at all times.

Carry Tissues

Attendants should carry handkerchiefs or tissues with them, in case they’re needed.

Smile and enjoy the day – and the entire experience! It will be over quicker than you realise.

– Bronte Price

A Smile is All You Need

Smile as soon as you see the other attendants – it will help them relax

Get Rid of the Bottle

If you’ve been having a glass of champagne or a bottle of beer, put the glass or bottle away, well before the start of the ceremony

No Hands in Pocket

Keep your hands out of your pockets, if you’re wearing trousers or shorts. In fact there should be nothing in your pockets apart from a handkerchief or tissues

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Shades Off

Remember to take your sunglasses off

Take Deep Breaths

If you feel faint, move your knees, wriggle your toes, shake out your hands, and take a few deep breaths; if this doesn’t work, go down on one knee – this is a signal to me as your celebrant that you need assistance

Enjoy the Moment

Smile and enjoy the day – and the entire experience! It will be over quicker than you realise.

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