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    Attire – men’s


    There are few occasions that you’ll splash out a lot of money on a bespoke suit or tux. Your wedding is one of them. It’s surely the one day in your life when you need to look the part better than everyone else. Michael Tellis, from Germanicos, assures you the absolute best fit you can get for men’s wedding suits in Melbourne, no matter your body type. His expert tailors will take more than 40 exacting measurements to ensure your suit fits you in such a way you’ll look like a million dollars. At Germanicos, you can’t buy a suit off the rack. They have no such suits. One of the qualities of their suits is that they’re built to last for years, meaning that you’ll be able to use your wedding suit again and again.


    e: michael@tailor.com.au | m: 0421 742 315 | w: www.tailor.com.au


    Attire – men’s


    Tayler Giles is the Showroom Manager at InStitchu and it’s clear she loves her job. She prides herself on the high level of service given by her staff. Stepping into Institchu takes you back to an olde world tailoring experience, where you can be measured and peruse fabrics, whisky in hand, as you let their expert stylists take the stress out of thinking about what to wear on your wedding day. Grooms and groomsmen can customise every detail of their wedding suits, from the lapel to buttons, to lining to fabrics.


    e: tayler@institchu.com | t: 03 9600 3568 | w: www.institchu.com

    Peter Neigheim

    Attire – Women’s


    As soon as you step into the space that is Isadora Nim, you know you’re somewhere quite special. Director Peter Nghiem believes that a suit is much more than just a suit: suits are poise, strength and effortless confidence. At Isadora Nim, they make sure their suits are as unique as you are, with no two created the same and each one with its own distinctive personality. Their suits are made using ethically sourced materials that champion their values of sustainability and slow fashion.


    e: peter@isadoranim.com | m: 0403 743 629 | w: www.isadoranim.com


    Cake maker


    Cake design artist and confectioner, Froggy Ko, is the founder of What Froggy Bakes. Although he originally graduated as a civil engineer, Froggy ultimately followed his passion, falling headlong into the art of cake decorating, back in 2013. Froggy is a self-taught baker and has continued his education through on-the-job training apprenticeships at two of Melbourne’s iconic cake and culinary businesses. Taking his baking curiosity to the next level, he decided to combine his engineering knowledge into his cake design by building structures – cakes – that defy gravity, making the impossible, possible. His attention to detail and perfection continue to create unique custom cake designs and confectionery. We chose Froggy for our own wedding! Amazing!


    e: whatfroggybakes@gmail.com | m: 0431 030 557 | w: www.whatfroggybakes.com.au




    The name says it all! There is always PLENTIFUL food when Eve Houghton from Plentiful Catering caters for your event. The grazing tables she creates are elegant, spacious, classy, fresh, and act like a magnet for your guests. So, if it’s a relaxed vibe you’re after, check her out. We chose Eve to cater for our own wedding and she was thorough, professional and organised. And, of course, there was lots and lots of gorgeous food for everyone, just as we wanted. Nothing was too much trouble – she even arranged for a vegans-only table. Fabulous!


    e: eve@plentifulcatering.com.au | w: www.plentifulcatering.com.au




    Yum Catering has been tantalising Melburnians’ taste-buds for almost two decades. Led by head chef, and owner, Paul Le Noury, they work with couples to find out what you’re thinking of in terms of food, for your wedding and then put together a menu designed specifically to suit your wedding theme and budget. Naturally, they are able to cater to each of your guests’ individual dietary requirement. Their food is prepared fresh and in-house and is presented beautifully. We chose Yum Catering to cater for our own wedding and I can testify that the portion sizes are very generous!


    e: info@yumcatering.com.au | t: 1300 536 687 | w: www.yumcatering.com.au




    I really like the way Dikala (Dee) from The Music and Entertainment Company works her crowd. She knows a vast array of music and plays the room, setting the vibe for the entire night’s celebration. She is joined by her twin sister – Mereoni Vuki. Together they make up a powerhouse business duo, Dee brings her years of professional industry experience as a musician,  DJ, & entertainer coupled with a  natural ability to build solid working relationships with clients.


    e: info@themusicandentco.com.au | m: 0401 836 570 | w: www.themusicandentco.com.au


    Entertainer – singer


    The first thing you notice when you meet Aimee is her welcoming grin that grows into an infectious smile. She’s got an amazing voice, an incredibly versatile range that helps create a party vibe that meets whatever requirements you have. It’s easy to see why everyone loves her and why she’s so heavily booked. Aimee is so much fun, has so much talent – oh, and did I mention she takes requests?


    e: contact@aimeefox.com | w: www.aimeefox.com


    Family Lawyer


    One of the services we members of the LGBTIQ community think we’ll never need is family law. But lots of us in the LGBTIQ community have been married before we came out; others are considering starting a family, and others still are thinking about whether or not they need to consider setting up a pre nup before they marry. Other issues that can affect us are divorce from a previous relationship, property settlement and arrangements for children. Jane Libbis and her colleagues at Umbrella Family Law specialise in helping couples begin their married life on the right foot, legally. For example, unshackling previous relationships, financial settlements, pre-nups, arrangements for children, considerations for future children, and wills. Jane has also completed my LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Training. If you think it’d be useful, get in touch with her.


    e: jane@umbrellafamilylaw.com.au | t: (03) 9923 2020 | w: www.umbrellafamilylaw.com.au




    Ross Jenkins, managing director of Bloom Boy, was a fashion designer who turned into a florist. He does amazing work and offers a totally bespoke service, working with you every step of the way from your initial consultation, right up to the special day. Whether it’s a cute intimate celebration or a full-on lavish affair, Ross’s unique vision will make your ‘big day’ dreams a reality. 


    e: ross@bloomboy.com.au | m: 0400 922 372 | w: www.bloomboy.com.au

    Melanie_creative director of Cecilia Fox



    Cecilia Fox is a bespoke floral studio based in Melbourne and was established by Melanie. Guided by the fleeting beauty of the ever-changing seasons, their floral work comes from an intense respect for nature and its wild abundance. Cecilia Fox’s appreciation of form, texture and tone is matched with a vigorous desire to share the many ways of experiencing the botanical world.


    e: ceciliafox@ceciliafox.com.au | m: 0499 880 018 | w: www.ceciliafox.com.au 


    Migration Agent


    Are you married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen? How do the 2017 changes in the Marriage Act impact LGBTIQ immigration to Australia? If you’re not sure, perhaps get in touch with Nick Hansen, a registered migration agent. The thing he loves about being a Migration Agent is helping clients unite with their loved ones by obtaining permanent residency in Australia. Contact him and find out if you’re eligible for a Partner Visa or a Prospective Marriage Visa. 

    Nick helps make the visa application process simple and stress-free, saving you lots of time!

    Nick has also completed my LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Training.


    e: nick@hansenmigration.com.au | p: 0449 944 991 | w: www.hansenmigration.com.au




    When you think of photobooths, try to think of something you’ve never seen before – that’s what you’ll get with Lavish Photobooths! Will Wines is the owner and managing director of Lavish Photobooths. He’s a delight to work with and has some of the most amazing photobooths you’ll ever get to see. Many of the photobooths he has are the only ones of their type in Australia. Ask him to help you check out his incredible backgrounds!


    e: info@lavishphotobooths.com.au | m: 0488 050 799 | w: www.lavishphotobooths.com.au




    Houng Taing works differently from lots of photographers. I like him and his work very much. Houng dedicates his time to create a deep connection with his couples and, together, he helps them discover what it is they love about each other and what is most important to them about their love story and journey. Together they’ll celebrate it with a photographic experience. Houng will infuse what they love and what is important to them into the photographs and help create beautiful artwork and albums for their home so that those memorable experiences can be retold and be cherished with family and friends for years to come. Houng has also completed my LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Training.


    e: mailto:info@houngtaing.com | m: 0421 835 648 | w: www.houngtaing.com




    Jon Tinkler is a friendly and clever wedding professional, who’s been in the wedding business for years. He knows his way around a camera and he know how to work with couples in love. He’s located in the Yarra Valley and I’ve done numerous same sex weddings with him. He’s also completed my LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Training.


    e: jon@millgrovephotography | m: 0487 912 198 | w: www.millgrovephotography.com.au

    Erik Photographer Videographer Melbourne

    Videographer, Photographer & Live-streamer


    I have worked with Erik Westein at numerous LGBTIQ+ weddings and have been amazed by the quality of his photography, his sounds and his films. His quiet, friendly, relaxed style makes him stand out as a true professional who has his clients firmly in sight. I continue to be astounded by how he instantly makes all sorts of couples feel like a million dollars. His business combines not only videography and photography but also professional live streaming. I love watching Erik at work – he connects with people in ways that are rare for wedding professionals.


    e: info@westwardfilms.com.au | m: 0437 078 310 | w: www.westwardfilms.com.au




    Papermint is a refreshing stationer in Melbourne. Established by Antonio Sutjiadi, their passion is about recognising that love is love – they’re focused on helping couples celebrate their love with pride. They offer a variety of finishes to choose from, such as luxe foils, timeless letterpress, emboss and affordable digital print. Additionally, their quality coloured papers can form the perfect canvas for your own designs, if you’d prefer. The best part is their designs are 100% customizable from fonts, wording, layout, colour theme, graphics and design elements – all of which works together to create unique wedding stationery that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Antonio has completed my LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Training.


    e: ant@papermint.me  | m: 0421 961 565 | w: www.papermint.com.au




    As soon as you meet Alex Jovanovic, you know he knows his stuff. With almost 40 years’ experience under their belt, Triple R Luxury Cars have everything covered. Their drivers are experienced, their luxury cars are beautifully maintained and they have all the right questions to ask you, to make sure you ‘get to the church’ on time – and that you look fabulous doing so. Alex has also completed my LGBTIQ Sensitivity Training.


    e: cars@tripler.com.au | t: (03) 9388 2100 | w: www.tripler.com.au

    premi air helicopters victoria melbourne

    Helicopter Pilot


    When a lesbian couple asked me to marry them at Yarra Valley winery, and to accompany them on a helicopter to and from their wedding, who was “I” to say “no”? John, the helicopter pilot, is the guy who made it happen. When other Yarra Valley venues demanded a minimum number of wedding guests, and the couple only wanted themselves, their witnesses and me at the marriage ceremony, followed by lunch at a winery, it was John who arranged it all with the amazing De Bortoli Winery. What an experience! John is one of those wedding suppliers who knows how to help couples get the wedding of their dreams without it costing an arm and a leg and without them needing to buy into the traditional ‘minimum spends’. I loved working with him. Highly recommended.


    e: john@premiairhelicopters.com.au | t: 0451 979 048 | w: www.premiairhelicopters.com.au




    Paul Le Noury is the brainchild behind Rose Events, an event situated on what was a one of Port Melbourne’s former iconic pubs. With lots of light and open space, Rose Events is an ideal venue for all styles of weddings. With a capacity for 200 guests standing or 120 seated and a customized food and drinks menu, Rose Events offers you the flexibility to customize the space to suit your individual requirements and tastes.


    e: sales@roseevents.net.au | t: 1300 536 687 | w: www.roseevents.net.au




    Lauren Phillips from The Langham, Melbourne has the best work title going around: she’s their Manager of Romance! That said, Lauren’s got a long history working as an event planner at some of Melbourne’s most sought after venues. She’s as cool as a cucumber, utterly professional, and leaves nothing to chance. There’s a Plan B for everything! She’s supported by an amazing team who have the same work ethic as her. Check out what The Langham Melbourne can do for you on your special day: Lauren Phillips,


    e: lauren.phillips@langhamhotels.com | m: 0439 211 325 | w: www.langhamhotels.com

    nintingbool winery

    Venue – Winery and Vineyard


    When a trans man wanted to marry his now-husband at a niche local venue that was embracing of them and their love, right at the top of their list was Nintingbool Vineyard and Winery, a 20 minute drive from Ballarat. Nintingbool provides a natural, intimate setting for weddings, and the guests are surrounded by a massively diverse and healthy ecosystem of plants / trees and birds / animals. The owners of the vineyard, Peter and Jill, have put an enormous effort into ensuring that anyone who come to the Vineyard and Winery leaves with lovely memories that linger long after they have left, just like well-aged wine. And the food? Delicious, try it out.


    e: sales@nintingbool.com.au | m: 0429 424 399 | w: www.nintingbool.com.au




    I have worked with Neil Tilbury on videographic shoots and have been amazed by the quality of his sound and his films. He also shot a series of short videos for wedding suppliers who participated in my first Showcase – LGBTIQ Wedding Expo that I held in early 2020. One of the things that makes him stand out is his capacity to give to others in the industry – he connects people with other people in ways that are rare.


    e: neiltilburyfilms@gmail.com | m: 0448 444 878 | w: www.neiltilburyfilms.com

    Bronte price marriage celebrant

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