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By Gay Celebrant

Authentic Funeral Ceremony

Draft the memorial for your loved one

Affirming and non-judgmental language

Grieving, remembering and celebrating.

Celebrating and grieving the life of someone who’s passed away typically takes place at funerals and memorial ceremonies soon after the person has died.

When someone we love dies, it’s a very difficult time. But it’s also a great opportunity to remember all those things that made them so special.

That’s where I can help you – I can create a beautiful ceremony about them. And I’ll help you get through what is clearly a very hard time. At funerals and memorial ceremonies that I’ve delivered as a funeral celebrant, I’ve been told I have a calming, sensitive presence.

All you need to do is let the Funeral Director know you would like to use my services, and then get in touch with me.


I’ll help you by making sure the style of ceremony reflects the person concerned, and that it honours them and tells of the love people had for them.

As a gay funeral celebrant in Melbourne, I welcome calls from partners, friends, family, colleagues and carers who are in the process of arranging a funeral or memorial ceremony for any deceased person, including members of the LGBTI community.



Distinctively Different

Feel Safe

Connect with you in a way that makes you feel safe.

Flexible With Dates

As full-time celebrant, I'm available throughout the planning process.

Gay Celebrant

Deeply understand the challenges & the pride of the LGBT+ community.

Appropriate Language

Use language that’s affirming, accepting & non-judgmental.

Strong Writing & Narrative Skills

As an ex-senior public servant & ex-English teacher.

No Rush

Take your time to make your decisions about the funeral arrangements or the ceremony.

Funeral Ceremony Planning Journey

Our First Meeting

I’ll meet with you and whoever else I need to meet with, to get an idea of the type of funeral your loved one wanted. We’ll use that meeting to get as much information about them as we can.

Questionnaire for you to respond to.

I’ll send you a questionnaire that asks all sorts of questions about your loved one and request that you complete as much of it as you can and send it back to me within 24 hours.

Draft ceremony sent to you

Based on what I learned in our first meeting, and from the information in the questionnaire, I’ll write and send you the first draft of your loved one’s funeral ceremony. I’ll ask you to go through it and make any changes you want, before you send it back to me.


I’ll meet with you again, to run through the funeral ceremony – and confirm we’re all on the same page. I’ll make any required amendments and then email you the final version.

Delivery of Funeral Ceremony

On the day of the funeral, I’ll arrive in plenty of time to meet you before the funeral begins. Then I’ll deliver your ceremony precisely how you asked me to – and ensure we’ve farewelled your loved one in a way that’s authentic and memorable!

Funeral Ceremony in Melbourne by Bronte Price

Funeral Celebrant Package in Melbourne

It will be my first priority to treat you with respect, dignity, honesty & sensitivity.
  • Funeral or Memorial Ceremony

  • $0/mo
    • ✅ Meeting with ceremony organizers.
    • ✅ Unlimited e-mails & phone calls.
    • ✅ Access to my suggested readings and music.
    • ✅ Drafting and re-drafting of the ceremony.
    • ✅ Assured delivery of a ceremony that’s authentic.


Answers to questions frequently asked by people interested in a funeral or memorial ceremony. Please let me know if any information you are looking for is not available here.
Who is a funeral celebrant?

A funeral celebrant specialises in officiating at personalized ceremonies as a central part of a funeral or memorial. The celebrant talks to the next of kin, family and friends to understand the person who is being honoured and then creates a ceremony based on that information.

Are there any legalities attached to funeral & Memorial ceremonies?

No, there aren’t any legal formalities attached to these ceremonies. Whilst there are laws and regulations governing the disposal of the physical remains, there are no regulations on the location of the ceremony or on things such as the dress code or who officiates at the ceremony.

Does the body committal and the ceremony happen simultaneously?

The ceremony happens when the family or next of kin are prepared for it, emotionally. Sometimes, the funeral or memorial ceremony occurs weeks after the person has died. If the deceased is to be cremated, then often there’s a ceremony that occurs immediately before the cremation. If the person is to be buried, then often there’s a ceremony in a chapel or at the graveside before the burial occurs. And it’s not unusual for the person’s cremated remains to be present at a ceremony where the life is celebrated and remembered.

Is it too late to honor someone who passed away years ago?

It’s never too late to celebrate the life and memories of someone who was valued and is missed by close ones. These memorial ceremonies can bring diverse groups of people together for the sole purpose of remembering the person they loved.

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