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No Legalities or Documents needed

Private Commitment Ceremony

Love doesn’t take notice of the law.

If you are planning for a commitment ceremony then you are in the right place.

Love doesn’t take any notice of age, sexuality, gender, religion or cultural background. Nor do I.

And love doesn’t take any notice of the law.


Even though we same-sex couples can get married in Australia, marriage isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

For a variety of reasons, not everyone wants to go through the process of getting married.


I respect that.

But it’s still important for couples to celebrate their love and confirm their commitment to each other via a commitment ceremony in front of the people who are closest to them.


That’s where I come in!

As an out and proud gay celebrant in Melbourne, I’ll work with you to create a ceremony that reflects who you are, the depth of your love and your commitment to each other in a way that’s as brief or as long, as simple or as complex as you wish.

3 Steps To Plan Your Commitment Ceremony

Submit Contact Form

This will allow us both to learn a little about each other. We can both decide on a mutually agreed date for meeting up.

Meet & Plan Your Romantic Commitment Ceremony

Commitment ceremonies are devoid of any legalities. Let’s meet and have a chat about what you’ve got in mind, in terms of style, date, time, venue, words, music etc over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Arrange and Deliver your Commitment Ceremony

I’ll draft – with you – and then deliver a terrific ceremony in which you can profess your love to each other in a wedding-like environment without the legal aspects. Long and complex? Brief and simple? You choose!

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Commitment Ceremony Package

You can have a Wedding like Commitment Ceremony to profess your love. The joy of being able to help you create a memory forever is priceless for me.
  • Simply Perfect Commitment Ceremony

  • $0/mo
    • ✅ Two pre-wedding meetings
    • ✅ As many emails and phone calls as we need
    • ✅ Event planning advice
    • ✅ Provision of a standard ceremony for your modification
    • ✅ Inclusion of your love story, written by you
    • ✅ Inclusion of personal vows and ring exchange
    • ✅ Delivery of your ceremony*
    • ✅ Use of my sound system, if required
    • ✅ My fee AUD$1199 (incl. GST)

**Optional extras:

  1. Letter of support – migration / visa application – $175 (incl. GST)
  2. *Note: round trip travel of more than 150km from my home office in Pascoe Vale to the ceremony will cost an additional $300 (incl. GST)


Answers to questions frequently asked by people interested in a commitment ceremony. Please let me know if any information you are looking for is not available here.
Can I change my name after a commitment ceremony?

Yes, you can, by the help of a court order. However, if you go for a wedding ceremony instead then you do not need a separate court order to change names.

Can I include vows and other wedding like features in my Commitment ceremony?

Yes, absolutely ! Its your big gay day after all, have it your way. You can discuss with your partner and celebrant about the custom manner in which you would like to carry it out.

We are both deeply in love but cant afford a legal marriage right now. What can we do?

Its completely understandable why certain couples can’t have a legal marriage. I respect that. But that shouldn’t hold them back from celebrating their togetherness. This is where commitment ceremonies come in and help you commit to your partner without any legalities being involved.

I want a religious commitment ceremony, where can I find a Rabby or Minister to do it?

Its always wise if you find someone who knows you personally and understands your reasons for not being officially married. You can always look for listings on websites and newspapers. I know a few who I can recommend, if you are interested.

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Let’s Plan Your Commitment Ceremony

The first meeting’s on me.