Ideas for Your Ceremony of Commitment or Marriage with Civil Wedding Celebrants in Melbourne

There are many reasons why people do not get legally married. For same-sex couples, it isn’t legal yet in many areas, but there are other reasons as well – for example, a couple (gay or straight) may just not be comfortable with the concept of marriage, or have no interest in making their union legal; they simply want to commit to each other and spend the rest of their lives together.

When you want to celebrate your commitment to each other with a ceremony, there are many ways to do so beyond the traditional wedding ceremony. Be sure to choose a civil marriage celebrant in Melbourne who’s comfortable with non-conventional ceremonies, such as Gay Celebrant Melbourne.
Then, consider one of the following ideas to make your ceremony perfect.

Unity Ceremonies

Many couples choose a unity action to solidify their commitment during a civil wedding ceremony in Melbourne or commitment ceremony, such as:

  • A sand ceremony: The couple blends two different colours of sand to represent the blending of their lives together; they can also add additional colours for children.
  • A love letter ceremony: Each member of the couple writes a letter to the other and seals it in a box along with any other desired additions (such as a bottle of wine) to open on a set date in the future, such as an anniversary or in times of hardship.
  • Planting a tree: This idea is perfect for spring or summer weddings; the couple plants a tree to represent the strong roots of their commitment.
  • Handfasting: This beautiful Celtic custom involves “binding” the couple together by wrapping their hands in colourful ribbons as a symbol of union and commitment.
  • Couples may also choose to exchange vows, read poetry, have music, or throw a commitment party (in lieu of an engagement party, for example). There are endless ways to celebrate your love – the traditional wedding is just one of many.

    Finding a Civil Wedding Celebrant in Melbourne

    Instead of a traditional church ceremony, many couples choose to use civil marriage celebrants in Melbourne. At Gay Celebrant Melbourne, I make it my priority to provide couples with the gay commitment ceremony or civil marriage ceremony in Melbourne they desire. I also perform vow renewal ceremonies, naming ceremonies, and funerals to folks throughout Melbourne and the surrounding area. However, it’s not necessary to hold your ceremony in Melbourne – many of the ceremonies I officiate take place in other locations such as in the Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula.

    As a member of the LGBTI community, I understand the sensitive issues that can crop up when planning any ceremony for a same-sex couple, and I’ll work with you to create an environment that’s safe and non-judgmental while also making sure your ceremony reflects who you are and what you want. I can help you form the ceremony you desire, whether it’s traditional and serious or a more entertaining, funny, creative, or flamboyant affair.

    Furthermore, I’ll make sure you know exactly what your total cost will be up front – you’ll never receive any unexpected charges or hidden fees. No matter what type of ceremony you’re planning, I look forward to hearing from you and help you achieve the special day you want.

    Give me a call today on 0410 456 327 with any questions or to schedule a free consultation.